• Kenapa IT Outsourcing perlu untuk perniagaan ?

    Reasons Why IT Outsourcing Best for Businesses


    Kenapa IT Outsourcing penting untuk kejayaan perniagaan ANDA?


    Perniagaan besar telah lama menggunakan perkhidmatan IT outsourcing untuk menguruskan sistem dan peralatan ICT. Perniagaan kecil dan sederhana amat disarankan menggunakan khidmat IT outourcing kerana beberapa faktor berikut:


  • Welcome to Our Website

    Welcome to Our website.

    The company is Registered with the Ministry of Finance under the ICT section. We are now focusing on ICT businesses including hardware and software development, maintenance, supply and service. We are also engaged in supplies and services for electronic devices and communications and equipment. This company has been in operation for almost 5 years and is actively carrying out relevant work. This is because it wants to raise the company's name in the eyes of the world.



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Our Story, KARAR Solutions Sdn Bhd begin in 2008.

After a years, We offer a comprehensive range of managed IT Support packages.

KARAR has provided your business with IT support services which are quick, efficient and user-friendly.

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